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Feather Hair Extensions - The new hair feathers trend from America - beautifully handmade in the UK with Free Delivery

Feather Hair Extensions

Hair Feathers

Our luxury hair feathers are handmade right here in the UK and every feather is skillfully quality checked and only the best are used in each of our feather hair extension products. We have a great range of natural colours including grey, black, brown, yellow, silver, white, olive and our favourite grizzly which is the destinctive black and white stripped feather. The hair feathers are installed using a small micro ring, which is clamped safely to the hair using a standard pair of DIY pliers, we include 6 micro rings with every product.

The feather hair extensions can last up to 6 months depending on how you care for them and how often you wear them. The great thing about our feathers is that they can be styled just like normal hair with moderate brushing, blow drying and low heat on your hair straighteners.

You will absolutely love our hair feathers and best of all we offer free delivery with all orders!

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